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If you can dream it, we can build it!

If you have questions or want to talk about a project, please contact SAE at 435-755-8140.

System Integration

Companies everywhere are looking for ways to improve their processes, reduce waste, and increase their profits. Whether you are starting a new process, new product, or vertically integrating to gain control over a component in your production chain, SAE can help.

SAE specializes in designing and building custom automated machines. We have designed and built automated resistance welding machines, bridge wire welder machines, material handling machines and robots, inspection systems, stud press machines and many more. There is no doubt SAE can design and build a custom automated machine for your process that meets your specific needs.

Often companies have automated processes already, but we find ways to improve their process and the existing system. Recently SAE built a machine for a customer that attaches to an existing automated machine the customer already had. We found a way to improve the process and it will pay back the customer in 9 months.

Companies throughout the USA are trying to maintain and grow their businesses. Many companies are using automated machines to keep jobs in the USA instead of offshoring. A common misconception is that automation eliminates jobs. The truth is the automated system requires maintenance, and technicians that can run the system. Therefore, it creates better quality products and jobs. Some other reasons companies employ automated machines is because the machines never call in sick, arrive late, display bad attitudes, or create law-suit problems for the company.

Our engineers and staff have the experience to evaluate your process and deliver the best solution for you. All of our solutions are tailored to your environment and your system. The SAE staff and engineers are some of the most qualified and experienced automation experts in the country. You can trust us to handle your project. Our customers are our family, and our mission is to develop relationships with our customers that last.

If you have a question about our services, or if you have a brand new system that needs our attention please contact us by email or by phone 435-755-8140.