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If you can dream it, we can build it!

All SAE, Inc. Solutions are customized to fit your needs. Contact SAE to discuss your project at 435.755.8140.

SAE Machine Automation Process

  • Process Design & Refinement
  • Machine Design & Engineering
  • Automated Controls & PLC's
  • Assembly & Fabrication
  • Testing & Set-Up at SAE
  • Testing & Set-Up at Factory

Pneumatics & Automation

Pneumatics use pressurized air to affect mechanical motion. Air systems tend to be cleaner than other power systems, longer lasting, and require minimal maintenance. Pneumatic equipment is less likely to be damaged by excessive force because gas is compressible and has the ability to absorb the excess force. When power to a facility is lost, pneumatic machines can still operate because the compressed gas is storable. These types of machines have unique safety features such as a low fire risk, (when compared to hydraulic oil systems), and can be designed to be overload resistant.

SAE has designed and built many systems that use pneumatics. Our engineers are some of the most experienced and knowledgable experts in using pneumatics to improve processes or create new processes.

SAE uses a wide range of technologies to create the best possible solution for each unique project.