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If you can dream it, we can build it!

All SAE, Inc. Solutions are customized to fit your needs. Contact SAE to discuss your project at 435.755.8140.

SAE Machine Automation Process

  • Process Design & Refinement
  • Machine Design & Engineering
  • Automated Controls & PLC's
  • Assembly & Fabrication
  • Testing & Set-Up at SAE
  • Testing & Set-Up at Factory

Automated Machine Build & Assembly

Companies all across the world have ideas about how they can make their processes or products better. SAE provides these companies with a service that is world class. Our engineers can design a custom machines that our builders and technicians can start manufacturing immediately.

SAE has built many automated welding machines, including automated rotary welders, automated laser welders, and many others. These welding machines have been used by companies in Utah and abroad. Our automated machines are designed to meet the customer's tolerances, quality requirements, and operational requirements. We design our automated machines to leave a small footprint, while remaining accessible and easy to maintain.

SAE has built automated machines for part inspection including x-ray inspections, RFID tracking, ultrasonic, and other non-destructive technology (NDT) systems. Our engineers are experienced using these systems to inspect a variety of parts in a variety of industries.

Some other automated machines we have built are:

  • Material Handling Systems---Robots, Conveyors, Fillers, Hoppers, etc.
  • Gas Fill Machines
  • Live Mold Breakdown Machines
  • Pyro Loaders
  • Compressed Gas Charge
  • Label Print & Apply
  • Drying Ovens
  • Plastics Forming
  • Bag Folders/Rollers
  • Hot Metal Gas Forming
  • Crimp & Press

SAE has designed and built many "clean room" automated systems and machines for companies in a variety of industries. Our engineers can deliver the best solutions to ensure your products stay clean and uncontaminated.

Your ideas are very important and integrated into the design to ensure that your machine is built exactly the way you want. After the machine is complete, we offer our services for upgrades, additions, reprogramming, etc. Our goal is to provide great service, and develop a relationship that will last.

If you have a machine that needs to be discussed, designed, built, and/or assembled please contact us by calling 435-755-8140.