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If you can dream it, we can build it!

All SAE, Inc. Solutions are customized to fit your needs. Contact SAE to discuss your project at 435.755.8140.

SAE Machine Automation Process

  • Process Design & Refinement
  • Machine Design & Engineering
  • Automated Controls & PLC's
  • Assembly & Fabrication
  • Testing & Set-Up at SAE
  • Testing & Set-Up at Factory


Hydraulics use a centuries-old science that originally used water to power ancient mechanical devices. Today, most hydraulics systems use pressurized oil to affect mechanical motion. These fluid systems are capable of transmitting large amounts of power through a small system. SAE makes use of a wide range of technologies to create the best possible solution for each unique project.

The engineers at SAE are some of the most experienced experts with designing and building hydraulic systems for many different applications. SAE has designed and built hydraulic systems for companies in Utah as well as overseas.