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If you can dream it, we can build it!

All SAE, Inc. Solutions are customized to fit your needs. Contact SAE to discuss your project at 435.755.8140.

SAE Machine Automation Process

  • Process Design & Refinement
  • Machine Design & Engineering
  • Automated Controls & PLC's
  • Assembly & Fabrication
  • Testing & Set-Up at SAE
  • Testing & Set-Up at Factory

Electrical / Mechanical Engineering

SAE's Electrical and Mechanical Engineers have designed and built over 1000 machines. SAE's ability to design, manufacture, and maintain your automated machine is directly related to the high quality of our engineering staff. The SAE engineering crew knows that by working together as a team, more goals are accomplished, and the probability of a successful project completion is maximized.

Electrical engineering and controls engineering are two core competencies at SAE. The service SAE provides is world class, and the electrical and control engineers provide knowledge and experience that is unmatched in the automation business.

Mechanical engineering is another major strength of SAE. Our mechanical engineers are some of the best in the country in providing machine designs have a smaller footprint, last longer, easy to maintain, and save money.

All of our engineers are licensed and are highly certified in the field of automation and design. With all the qualifications they hold, 'experience' and 'success' are the leading attributes of our electrical and mechanical engineering team.