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If you can dream it, we can build it!

If you have questions or want to talk about a project, please contact SAE at 435-755-8140.

Automation Services

At SAE our customers are our number one priority. We implement teamwork and think-tank techniques to ensure that we can satisfy and exceed our customers’ expectations. The services we offer include:

  • Custom Automation Solutions: We are able to design, engineer, and build automated machines that improve process speed, accuracy, quality, and efficienty, while reducing defects, errors, and waste.
  • Design: We can design many different products for you, ranging from control systems to mechanical, structural, and electrical engineering components.
  • In-field service: We send our own technicians to perform installations of anything from small parts up to an entire line. In addition, our in-field services include product/equipment updates.
  • Consulting: We offer consulting for projects in mechanical engineering, structural engineering, and electrical engineering.

Contact SAE today so we can help transform your ideas into a reality.