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Mission Statement:

To develop relationships with our customers and vendors that will last for generations, while providing quality, cost-effective products and engineering services that meet our customers' needs.

Value Statement:

We provide the best service in the industry, coupled with the highest quality custom automated equipment possible. Our owners, engineers, managers, and technicians will always make the decisions that are in long-term best interests of our customers.

About SAE

SAE, Inc. was founded in 1996 in scenic Logan, Utah. SAE has helped companies automate processes in Utah and all around the world. SAE has also designed and built many roller coasters throughout the world, including the rides on top of the stratosphere tower in Las Vegas, NV.

SAE employs a diverse staff of engineers, project managers, welders, design engineers, and shop workers. SAE's engineers are some of the premier automation experts in the country, with experience of over 1000 machine designs and builds.

SAE has had extensive experience designing and manufacturing roller coasters and amusement rides. The founders of SAE later founded Interactive Rides in 2000. The companies share resources and have created a working environment that is dynamic and open. The engineers at SAE/Interactive Rides have projects they are working on in very unique and different industries. For more information about Interactive Rides click here.

SAE's philosophy is very simple, 'take care of our customers'. The entire staff at SAE work very hard to maintain the relationships we make. Our customers know they can count on us to provide the best solutions, the best service, and the best products. We stand behind our work as well as the success of our customers.

SAE, Inc. continues to provide some of the best automated machines and automated systems in the country because our engineers are continually learning and tackling new projects. SAE has worked for companies all over the world and in many industries. No matter what your idea is, or whether you are in Utah or China, our engineers can help transform your project from an idea into a reality.